Prairie-Style Design

Prairie-Style Design craft

It’s easy to make Prairie-style designs, just like famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright did. Are any of his famous homes near yours?

  • 1.

    Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous American architect, invented the Prairie style of houses. He often incorporated contemporary art into windows, using parallel and perpendicular lines to create geometric shapes. It’s easy to make similar designs with Crayola® Color Explosion™!

  • 2.

    With a ruler and the color-reveal marker, draw a horizontal line all the way across a piece of Color Explosion paper. Draw a vertical line from the first line all the way up or down to the edge of the sheet.

  • 3.

    Make a few more straight lines. Fill some of the shapes with color to finish your interesting design. Can you believe that Wright was famous for doing something so simple?

  • 4.

    Display your Prairie design for all to see! Tell people about Frank Lloyd Wright and his architectural style.