Quick, Colorful Kites

Quick, Colorful Kites craft

Take your next family outing to colorful new heights! Transform paper grocery bags into kites with tails that flutter in the wind.

  • 1.

    Color a kite. Fold and tear a kite from a brown paper bag. You could make it a dazzling diamond, box, sled, star, Chinese serpent, or any shape kite. Decorate it with Crayola Construction Paper™ Crayons. The colors are intense, so you’ll want to fill both sides with designs!

  • 2.

    Tape on a tail. Tear short strips of construction paper. Color them, too, if you wish. Tie or tape strips on a long piece of yarn. Tape the tail to the bottom of your kite.

  • 3.

    Run! With your family or other grown-up, go outdoors. Hold your kite and run as fast as you can so your kite tail flutters. Why not hang your kite indoors for a bright accent?