Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End craft

Sitting inside on a rainy March day? Here’s a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft to push those gloomy clouds away!

  • 1.

    What’s at the end of your rainbow? Use Crayola® Model Magic® modeling compound to create your rainbow scene with a little lucky leprechaun and pot of gold.

  • 2.

    Use a small foam sphere or a small ball of crumpled up aluminum foil for the base of your pot. Cover the ball with a thin layer of black Model Magic to help build up the pot shape. Roll out long rope pieces to add a top and bottom rim to the pot.

  • 3.

    Before you fill the pot with gold, build the leprechaun. Start with the torso. Roll a large oval shape with green Model Magic to shape the torso. Stick it inside the center of the pot. Roll out 2 small, medium length pieces of green for arms. Make two small triangular shapes on for a collar. In the center, place a small, flattened oval shape for the leprechaun’s shirt. Roll out tiny balls for buttons. Roll out two small balls for hands. Flatten them slightly. Use a clay tool or plastic knife to create a thumb. Add to the ends of the arms.

  • 4.

    Roll out a small ball of Model Magic for the leprechaun’s head. Use a small ball for his nose and 2 small, flattened balls of white for the eyes. Add black dots for pupils. Give your leprechaun some hair! Pick a color and drape a piece under his nose for a beard.

  • 5.

    Give your leprechaun a large goofy hat! For the brim, flatten a medium sized ball and place it on his head. For the top part, make a thick cylinder shape and pinch the top outward and the bottom inward a little. Place it on top of the brim. Roll out a long, flat skinny piece to wrap around the base of the hat. Make 4 tiny pieces to shape into a square for the buckle.

  • 6.

    Fill the pot with gold and add embellishments. Now that your leprechaun is finished, you can roll out many tiny balls of yellow, flatten them and fill the pot. Decorate your pot with a little clover.

  • 7.

    Now build your rainbow! Make 2 large balls of white Model Magic and use your finger or the end of a rounded tool and press it all over to make clouds. Next, roll out your colors for your rainbow into long spaghetti shapes. Form the outmost color into an u-shape.

  • 8.

    Put the rest of the colors underneath, one by one. Model Magic that is fresh from the pack will stick to itself. Dried pieces can be glued together. You can trim the ends with a plastic knife when you’re all finished to even them out. Then place your rainbow into your clouds.