Silly Pumpkin Centerpiece

Silly Pumpkin Centerpiece craft

Create a silly, bumpy pumpkin centerpiece. Share loads of laughter with your family and friends all fall.

  • 1.

    Get ready to decorate a silly pumpkin that never rots or smells! This pretend pumpkin greets your party guests, perhaps with clown-sized feet and a wide grin like the one pictured.

  • 2.

    Choose a large, imitation pumpkin. Figure out how you want to decorate your pumpkin.

  • 3.

    Flatten Model Magic with your hands or roll it with a capped marker. Form facial features such as eyeballs and a nose by layering modeling material. Model Magic fresh from the pack sticks to itself.To marbleize colors for leaves or hair, knead two or more shades together--just a little. Make massive multi-colored feet. Roll thin snakes of Model Magic to outline edges, make spiky hair, or create meandering vines. Add details with Crayola Gel Markers. If the compound starts to dry, attach pieces with Crayola School Glue. Air-dry the glue. Display your pumpkin on a table or near a door.