Surprise! Design With Dots

Surprise! Design With Dots craft

Create cool scenes with brilliant little dots. Like the famous painter Georges Seurat, you can use dots, dots, dots, and more dots to create dizzying effects!

  • 1.

    Georges Seurat was a French artist who liked to experiment with colors and how the brain blends them. He made very large paintings with very tiny dots of paint. For green grass, he began with a layer of blue dots and then added a layer of yellow dots. When you stand back, your brain mixes the blue and yellow so you see green grass!

  • 2.

    Make your own interesting dot pictures with either Black or White Crayola Color Explosion™ Paper and the unique Markers that come with them! Think of an idea such as a landscape, still life, or even an imaginary scene. Decide what parts will go where. Start to dot outlines of the shapes.

  • 3.

    Make dots close together to show more color or place them farther apart for a darker (with black Color Explosion) or lighter (with white) look. If shapes are next to each other, either leave a black space between them or make distinct dotted lines to separate them.

  • 4.

    Try the same picture on both types of Color Explosion to compare and contrast the results! You could even start your very own art museum with these dizzying, dotty designs!