Whale of a Tale

Whale of a Tale craft

This whale of an art project is the perfect way to blow creative steam. Kids make waves and spout off cool facts on marine life.

  • 1.

    The whale is the largest mammal and the biggest sea creature. Like all mammals, whales are warm-blooded, breathe air, and nourish their young. Research facts about whales on the Internet or in books and then choose one type to draw. Humpbacks, Orcas, and gray whales are examples of different kinds of whales you can create.

  • 2.

    With Crayola® Washable Crayons and Crayola Washable Markers, draw your whale on large paper. Easel or craft paper that comes on a roll works well.

  • 3.

    Create an undersea environment by drawing other marine creatures and plants. Try to draw the whale's surroundings in proportion to its size. Fish and plants look very small next to a 30-foot (9 m) whale! Challenge yourself to figure out the scale on your drawing.

  • 4.

    Make up a whale of tale to go along with your picture. What's your whale's name? What ocean does he or she live? What does your whale eat? How long can it breathe underwater? Where does your whale roam? What adventures does it have along the way?