What's Growing?

What's Growing? craft

Combine a few fun shapes into an eye-catching, "growing" piece of art!

  • 1.

    Decide what plant you’d like to use for your "growing" subject. Chose a real one, such as a flower or tree, or invent an imaginary one.

  • 2.

    On a piece of Crayola Color Explosion paper, use the color-reveal marker to draw a basic geometric shape that is most like the largest part of your plant. You might begin with a circle for the center of a flower.

  • 3.

    What other basic shapes can you add that resemble other parts of your plant? Triangles might work for petals and leaves, for example. Add as many details as you like! You can also add a simple background.

  • 4.

    To finish your picture, repeat shapes around the outside edge for a frame.