Boarder Boogie

Boarder Boogie craft

You're off to the slopes or a skateboard park! Stand your boarder on a Sizzlin' Sports Board and boogie!

  • 1.

    Watch skateboarders or snowboarders having a great time. Notice what position riders' arms and legs are in on the best rides.

  • 2.

    Use white Crayola® Model Magic® to shape the body of a skateboard or snowboard rider. Roll the modeling compound in your hands. Attach arms and legs, or pull limbs out from a large piece of Model Magic. Bend the knees, elbows, and torso to show a boarder in action. For safety, create a separate helmet.

  • 3.

    Spread newspaper over your art area. With a Crayola Paint Brush, paint a face and clothing on your rider with Crayola Washable Kid's Paint. Dry.

  • 4.

    With Crayola Scissors cut yarn for hair. Glue on top of the boarder's head with Crayola School Glue. Dry.

  • 5.

    Place the helmet on your rider's head. See the Inspiring Idea Sizzlin' Sports Boards to create a board on which your rider can boogie! Create ramps, obstacle courses, a snowboard or skateboard park, or moguls with recycled items for even more fun.