Bouncing Eyeballs

Bouncing Eyeballs craft

This eyeball pops out! Kids bounce their bloodshot eyes at Halloween or April Fools' Day, then hang them up the rest of the year to gross each other out.

  • 1.

    Attach a rubber band to a paper clip. Shape a Crayola® Model Magic® eyeball around the paper clip, leaving the rubber band sticking out. Blend Model Magic colors to add an iris and make a tiny black pupil in the middle if you like.

  • 2.

    Want to get gross? Add yellow and red Model Magic to make a puss-filled, bloodshot eye. Or make the eyeball a distorted shape. Maybe add some jagged cuts, or hair caught on your eye. How else could you make your Bouncing Eye look truly disgusting?

  • 3.

    Dry for at least 24 hours before gently bouncing your pretend eye.

  • 4.

    Think up Bouncing Eyeball tricks for April Fools' Day! Gross out trick or treaters at Halloween!