Floating Hot-Air Balloons

Floating Hot-Air Balloons craft

Imagine floating through the air in the basket of a hot-air balloon. You’ll have almost as much fun as a real ride when you craft this colorful mobile!

  • 1.

    Your hot-air balloon mobile can float in the air indoors, much like hot-air balloons float outside. Here’s an easy way to make a mobile. Cover your craft area with newspaper first.

  • 2.

    Decorate paper plates. With Crayola® Kid’s Paint and a So Big Paint Brush, paint a large paper plate for the sky. Air-dry paint before you change colors. Tear out or leave fluffy clouds white. Paint another plate for the balloon baskets. Air-dry the paint. Tear it into at least two baskets. Paint two small paper plates like hot-air balloons. Air-dry them. Decorate the balloons, perhaps with stripes, checks, words, scallops, or circles.

  • 3.

    Assemble the mobile. Punch holes in the sky, balloons, and baskets. Thread ribbon, yarn, or string through each opening and tie them together. Add another ribbon at the top to hang your hot-air balloon. It will float and spin in the breeze!