Wild Roller Coaster Ride

Wild Roller Coaster Ride craft

Draw a 3-D scream machine complete with all the thrills and chills of your favorite amusement park. Use Crayola Twistables®---what else?

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    Riding a roller coaster can feel very scary, whether you’re in Australia, Germany, Japan, or on any of almost 1900 roller coasters in the world. That butterfly feeling isn’t for everyone, so some people stand on the ground and wave. Which would you and your friends rather do? Here’s one cool way to remember (or imagine) the fun! Try it on a rainy or wintry day with a friend. Create several different roller coasters.

  • 2.

    Inside a box lid, draw a roller coaster scene with Crayola Twistables. Give your ride loops, drops, and twists with steel girders and wooden planks. Color your riders scared, windblown, and exhilarated. Add strips of paper tracks for even more fun.

  • 3.

    On a recycled file folder, draw at least one person who’s watching your wild ride. Leave a tab at the figure’s feet. Cut out figure with Crayola Scissors. Color a cotton ball with Crayola Gel Markers to look like cotton candy. Attach it to a toothpick and the visitor’s hand with Crayola School Glue. Bend up the tab and glue the person to the lid.

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    Can you hear the riders’ screams? Tell your families about your cool