Showflakes lesson plan

  • 1.

    Snowflakes are an endless source of fascination, and make possible so many winter activities. Learn how snowflakes are formed in the earth’s atmosphere. Explore snow sculpture and sledding with children.

  • 2.

    Find out about skiing, snowboarding, luge, dog sledding, and other winter sports around the world. Watch videos or visit a ski resort.

  • 3.

    Make sure children know how to blow out through straws (try water first). Add water to paint if necessary so children can blow it on their paper.

  • 4.

    Cover a work area with newspaper. Put on a Crayola® Art Smock.

  • 5.

    Fold a large sheet of dark blue construction paper in half and make a crease. Open the paper. Write your name in one corner with a white Crayola® Construction Paper™ Crayon.

  • 6.

    On one side of the paper, place a small amount of white Crayola® Washable Tempera Paint. With a straw, gently blow on the wet paint to spread it across that half of the paper.

  • 7.

    Fold the unpainted side over the painted portion and rub gently. Open slowly. Dry overnight.

  • 8.

    Notice how each Showflake is different, just as snowflakes are in nature.


  • Asking Questions
  • Talking
  • Vocabulary
  • Physical: Eye - Hand Coordination
  • Physical: Small Muscles
  • Social & Emotional: Flexibility
  • Thinking: Creating
  • Thinking: Observing
  • Thinking: Understanding Concepts