Cameroon Mud House

Cameroon Mud House lesson plan

Imagine a community in Cameroon, along the west cost of Africa. The weather is hot and dry. Traditional homes are made of sun-dried mud bricks. Create a replica village!

  • 1.

    Cameroon is very near the equator, so it is hot most of the time and receives very little rain. Find this country on a map of Africa. The people of Cameroon have traditionally built their houses with sun-dried mud bricks. Learn more about the sizes and shapes of these homes. How are the bricks made? Discover other information about Cameroon's culture and history, too.

  • 2.

    Using Crayola® Model Magic®, build a replica of a mud house in Cameroon. To create brown mud colors, blend Model Magic with color from Crayola Washable Markers. Knead the modeling compound, adding more marker color, until you achieve the shade desired.

  • 3.

    For the door, use black Model Magic or color white Model Magic with markers. Air dry overnight.


  • Students research Cameroon's climate, culture, and history.
  • Students identify where Cameroon is located and understand how its location and climate determine the type of homes that are built there.
  • Students construct a replica of a sun-dried brick mud house.


  • For some students who have special needs, point out details in photographs of these mud houses and demonstrate how to mix marker colors into Model Magic.
  • Find more information about the interesting country of Cameroon. How do people dress? What are common foods?
  • Celebrate Cameroon Youth Day on February 11. Across the country all students march on this day, dressed in their distinctive school uniforms.
  • Find out about other types of houses built by people who live in warm climates such as Africa. How do the people in Egypt build their homes? What people use palm fronds or thatch for their roofs? Build several different types of houses using Model Magic.