Spirited Fringe

Spirited Fringe lesson plan

Support your school or sports team! Create a colorful fabric banner with the bold palette of Crayola® Fabric Markers.

  • 1.

    Why do you think cheering for your school team is important? How do cheers encourage players? What happens with all the people who are cheering?

  • 2.

    How do you show your support to your friends on the field, the rink, or the mat? Your voice may give out from yelling, but you can wave a bright banner for hours to show your school spirit!

  • 3.

    Choose a fabric that does not fray easily, such as felt. Use a large piece, or display two or more smaller pieces together on a dowel. Make a big banner that’s sure to be seen.

  • 4.

    Design your banner message with Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils. Remember, the banner will be read from far away, so make your letters and colors big and bright. Include a picture of your team’s mascot as well as some spirited words. Pick words that play off each other, such as "Dig in Armadillos!" Armadillos are animals with a strong outer shell and the ability to really entrench. This animal can inspire any team!

  • 5.

    With Crayola Fabric Markers, draw your banner. Leave enough room at the top (or side, if you make a pennant) to make the dowel’s sleeve. Be sure to design an attention-grabbing border, too.

  • 6.

    Fold over enough material at the top (or side) of the banner for the wooden dowel to fit through for hanging. If the dowel is long enough to stick out from the banner, the ends could be used as handles for two people to hold. Hold the sleeve in place with

  • 7.

    Slide the dowel through the sleeve.

  • 8.

    With the assistance of an adult, cut your banner in wide strips. This adds movement and energy to your message. Strips make the banner more eye catching. Cut the strips in half along the bottom and side edges for a zippy fringe.

  • 9.

    Hang curled ribbons in your school colors from the dowel ends for a final festive touch. Go team!


  • Students explore the roles of spectators in sports.
  • Students create a colorful textile expression of their support for a school team.


  • Make smaller, individual banners with one letter. Plan together to spell different words. Organize people sitting in the bleachers to wear team colors to create blocks of color. Start a wave across the stands. Write some new cheers.
  • Debate the topic of the role of spectators at a game. Is it really a game if there are no fans?
  • Interview athletes to find out what they think of fans. Learn what kind of behavior helps them win. What behaviors are distractions? Publish your findings in your school or local paper.
  • Research your school’s mascot and colors. Learn why they were chosen. Is there a more appropriate team mascot or pair of colors for your school? If so, start a grassroots movement to explore the possibility of changing them.