Fish Mobile

Fish Mobile craft

Get into the swim of things by researching fish habitats and food sources and make a mobile.

  • 1.

    Outline large fish shapes on paper with a Crayola® Marker. Make them fascinating, imaginary, or real. Draw several different fish.

  • 2.

    Place each paper with drawings on top of a second sheet of paper. Cut out the fish shapes with Crayola Scissors, holding the papers together, so you get two of each fish.

  • 3.

    Use Crayola Crayons or Markers to add colorful scales, fins, and eyes to the fronts and backs of your fish.

  • 4.

    Staple your matching fish pieces together (colored parts out), closing each shape about 2/3 of the way around the outside.

  • 5.

    Tear small strips of newspaper for stuffing. Crinkle up the pieces a bit, and stuff them inside the fish for a 3-D effect. Staple the rest of the fish closed, to keep the newspaper inside.

  • 6.

    Decorate the top of a paper plate like the ocean, lake, or river. With a pen (ask an adult to help), punch a small hole in the center of the paper plate. Then use the hole puncher to punch a hole for each fish all around the plate.

  • 7.

    Tuck a piece of yarn through the center hole and tape it to the front of your plate. You will use this yarn to hang your mobile from the ceiling.

  • 8.

    Cut various lengths of yarn and tape one end of each piece to the top of a fish.

  • 9.

    Turn your paper plate up with the design facing you. Tuck the other end of each piece of yarn (attached to a fish) through a hole in the paper plate and secure with tape to the back of the plate.

  • 10.

    Hang the finished mobile over your bed or some other place where you can enjoy it.