Eggs for a Festive Easter

Eggs for a Festive Easter craft

Make a stunning Easter egg display using the vivid Crayola Neon Color Explosion® Paper and Markers system.

  • 1.

    Select two pieces of double-sided Crayola Neon Color Explosion paper. Cut out four large eggs. Save the leftovers for a handle.

  • 2.

    Use your exciting Neon Color Explosion Markers to decorate Easter eggs in any style you like. Make wavy lines or geometric designs with Crazy tips. Classic tips are perfect for round and oval shapes. Experiment! Combine colors to make your design pop. Decorate both sides of all four eggs.

  • 3.

    Cut a handle from the remaining pieces, taping sections together if necessary. Decorate both sides of the handle.

  • 4.

    To assemble the basket, lay eggs flat on the table in a line. Tape them together at the edges. Pick up the eggs and fold at the tape to form a square basket. Tape the open side closed. Bend the handle into a U and tape inside of basket. Place the basket o

  • 5.

    Add colorful shredded paper or Easter grass inside the basket and around the edges if you like. Tie pretty ribbon on the handle. Cut out and decorate smaller eggs to fill the basket or lay around the base. Place your centerpiece in the middle of the table for a magnificent holiday look!