Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! craft

Why spend thousands of dollars for designer shoes when you can create your own cute replicas with Crayola Model Magic® compound?

  • 1.

    Some people love owning lots of different types of shoes in myriad of colors, with various-sized heels, from assorted materials, and in many designs such as sandals, boots, or sneakers. What types do you dream of wearing? Create your own collection of dream shoes!

  • 2.

    Crumple and roll aluminum foil into the shape of each miniature shoe. Build high heels, pointy toes, funky sneakers, or thick soles—whatever you like!

  • 3.

    Cover each shoe shape with a thin layer of Crayola Model Magic® compound. Form small coils for straps or decorative elements along the cuff or around the heel. Roll tiny dots of color and impress on the shoes. Model Magic dries to the touch overnight and air-dries completely in 2 or 3 days.

  • 4.

    To jazz up your shoes even more, carefully remove the foil armatures. Add pieces of chenille sticks, beads, and sequins. Attach them with Crayola School Glue as straps, laces, buckles, or bows. Emphasise elements and make patterns with Crayola Glitter Glue.

  • 5.

    Why not fit shoes for your favorite fashion dolls? Or create sample shoes large enough to hold your favorite hair accessories? Design a collection!